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Water detection maintenance

Often forgotten, water detection maintenance cannot be ignored. Water detection systems aren’t maintenance free and should be inspected as a minimum at least twice a year by a qualified engineer, more often if it’s protecting a mission critical area or asset. Ensuring you carry out water detection maintenance regularly on your system will give you the best possible protection for your critical area.

All of our maintenance visits are carried out by our own engineers. If your system hasn’t been maintained for a long time or is of an old type we can still offer a maintenance service to you.

Many older systems manufactured by ourselves and other major manufacturers can be supported up to and often past their stated end of life. You can find out more about our past systems here. Our Maintenance visits are carried out by a trained engineer allowing the systems effectiveness to be accessed and any enhancements recommended.Engineer carrying out water detection maintenance on a floor sensor This also means that any design faults from the original installation can also be highlighted.

Continued planned preventative maintenance ensures that the water detection system maintains it’s continued efficiency and effectiveness and doesn’t  deteriorate over time. External factors such as the cleanliness of the environment, building works, change of floor layout and even new infrastructure works can affect the correct operation of a system and in rare circumstances even render the system ineffective. If your system has reported a leak or fault but has now cleared it is worth having it checked over as this could be a sign of system contamination, especially if no leak was found. After a leak it is also good practice to have the system checked for sensor contamination particularly if sensing cables are used as salts from the concrete screed can “wick” up into the cable making them hypersensitive.

At Aquentis we offer a full range of water detection maintenance options from functionality checks to full system re-commissioning, and not only for water detection systems which we have installed or supplied. We can offer full support, repair and maintenance for all major leak detection systems installed in the UK. Our After Care Packages are individually tailored to your exact needs and can be as basic or comprehensive as you want.

So if you are looking for guidance, advice or need someone to talk to about a problem, getting your system maintained, or to clear a “service alarm” just get in touch.

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