Water Leak Detection Mapping Tags

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Use Aquentis Mapping Tag’s to mark the location of Water Leak Detection Jumper and Sensor cables.



Aquentis ALD-MAP Mapping Tags are small plastic tags that are attached to ALD-MJC Modular Jumper Cables and AWC1200 Water Detection Cables. They are used to clearly identify the cable as part of the Aquentis water detection system. There is a panel on the Tags to mark the zone number or circuit reference. Mapping Tags are normally fixed at 3 Metre intervals on sensor cables.

Mapping Tags application

Tags can be used to identify which panel or Leak Detection Module the cable is connected to. This is useful if sensors from several water detection panels are in the same area. Tags are also used to warn that the cables are part of the Aquentis Leak Detection system. Each tag is permanently attached to the sensor or jumper cable with the cable tie provided.

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