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Liquid Leak Detection

Leak detection systems can take many forms and the equipment has to be selected to provide a balance between functionality and cost of ownership. At Aquentis we can advise the best system and coverage for your application without over or under specifying. We can supply detailed design instructions for you to carry out the installation yourself or we can install the system for you. If you decide to install the system yourself we also offer a full commissioning service for total peace of mind.

We’ve listed some of our most popular components below but have access to many more which it isn’t possible to show here, if you would like to discuss your requirements please do contact us.

Water Leak Detection Modules

Aquentis 24 Volt water detection module

Leak detection module 24 Volt

A small open chassis water leak detection module aimed at the BMS and Air-conditioning markets. It’s 24 Volt supply requirements makes it particularly suited to incorporation in OEM equipment.

The unit comes with a DIN rail clip so it easily clips onto the existing DIN rail within the host equipment.

Simply connects to AWC1200  Water leak Detection Sensing cables via a ALD-MLC water detection Leader cable and ALD-MJC Jumper cables.




The Aquentis LDM-230 Water Leak detection DIN rail moduleLeak detection module 230 Volt

The 230 Volt version of the LDM-24 allows it to be fitted into controls enclosures with DIN rail space available.

The modules compact size means that several units can be installed in “off the shelf” enclosures.

Units can be combined within an enclosure to create a “Double Knock” Environmental monitoring system.

The LDM has one set of clean volt free relay contacts for Leak Alarm signalling.




Water Detection Sensors

Water leak detection sensing cable AWC 1200

Aquentis AWC 1200 Sensing Cable will detect the presence of a leak at any point along it’s length. Able to detect water and mildly corrosive aqueous chemicals it forms the backbone of the Aquentis leak detection system.

It’s smooth fluoropolymer abrasion resistant non-braided design makes it easy to clean after activation.

Manufactured in a distinctive bright Orange colour, the sensing cable can be easily identified in low light conditions.