Water leak detection module LDM-24

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The LDM-24 is a small 24 Volt leak detection module designed for integration in OEM equipment such as Air Handling Units (AHU’s), BMS and double containment tanks and associated pumps. The module can be used as a stand alone unit if fitted within a suitable DIN rail enclosure.

Also available is a 230 Volt module

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The Aquentis LDM-24 is a small 24 Volt leak detection module. It can be used to assemble an entry level water detection system.
The LDM’s compact size allows it to be easily incorporated in to OEM equipment or a bespoke enclosure.
The LDM features a industry standard DIN rail clip allowing it to be easily fixed within the controls section of it’s host equipment.
This compact and reliable water detection module offers LED indicators for Power and Leak detected and a 2 sets of clean relay contacts for connecting to remote sounders and indicators such as the LDM-RAI.
Typically the LDM is used to protect air handling units, dual containment pipe work and tanks, water coolers and vending machines, tea points, washing machines and dishwashers.

Leak detection module cables

The water detection circuit is made up of up to 3 main cable types:

ALD-MLC – Modular leader cable. Used to connect from the modules sensor terminals.

ALD-MJC – Modular jumper cable. Used to extend the sensing circuit by plugging into the Leader cable. Jumper cables are non-sensing and can be run through area’s which do not require leak detection.

Water leak detection sensors

AWC1200 – Modular water leak detection sensing cable. This is the business end of the system. If a conductive liquid touches this cable at any point along it’s length the leak detection module will go into alarm.

ALD-MPS – Mini plate sensor. Used for localised leak detection in area’s which are prone to frequent small leaks or where sensing cable cannot be used due to a dirty or contaminated environment.

Other leak detection module components

ALD-EOL – Modular end termination. As the name suggests this component plugs in the open end of the sensing cable and prevents dirt and dust from entering the connector. The End Termination is easily removed should the sensing circuit need to be extended.

ALD-HDC – Cable hold down clips. Used to hold leader, jumper and sensing cables in place. Cables can be easily removed for maintenance purposes.

ALD-MAP – Cable mapping tags. A warning tag which is fixed to water detection cables. The zone number or other reference is marked on the tag to allow easy identification.


The Aquentis LDM-24’s  clean form “C” change-over relay contacts provide the alarm signal to the BMS, BEMS controller or other monitoring equipment. LED’s provide Power and alarm indication. The LDM has full range sensitivity adjustment to allow fine tuning to local conditions and to “tune out” spurious alarms associated with other similar equipment.

Additional information

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Sensing cable compatibility ASC1200
Maximum length of sensing cable 45 Metres (150ft)
Detection Probes AMPS  APS
Power supply 24Vac/dc (ac 50/60Hz)
Power consumption 11mA @ 24Vdc
Operating Conditions -10 to +50◦C, 0% to 90% non-condensing
Status LED Power (Green), Leak (Red)
Relay Output Volt free relay contacts activated by leak SPDT (NO/NC/C)
Relay Rating 5 A at 250 Vac
Dimensions HxWxD 77mm x 67.5mm x 61mm
Weight 228g
Equivalent to AT-LDM