Water Leak Detection Module LDM-230

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The Aquentis LDM is a small water leak detection module designed for incorporation in OEM equipment such as Air Handling Unit’s (AHU’s), Vending machines and BMS applications. The module is also suitable for small area leak detection when mounted in a DIN Rail enclosure.

Also available as a 24 Volt module.

Equivalent part Numbers:

AT-LDM, WD-230

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The Aquentis water leak detection module runs on the standard UK mains 230 Volt ac power. This makes it simple to integrate in to control circuits and process control applications as well as a host of other small area leak detection applications within the commercial and industrial environments.

The unit’s sheer simplicity means that no complicated setup is required, connect your choice of water leak sensor and apply 230Vac and the system works.

The water leak detection module is fitted with industry standard DIN rail clips allowing it to be positioned easily in existing control cabinets. This saves the cost of an individual enclosure and because of its compact size several LDM’s can be mounted in readily available DIN rail enclosures to create a multi-zone or double knock system.

The Aquentis LDM is capable of being connected to a number of Aquentis sensing devices such as the mini plate sensor for drip trays and area’s posing a specific risk, the Aquentis probe for harsh environments and AWC1200 water leak detection sensing cable for more general water detection in vulnerable areas.

For the first time the low cost of the LDM makes it cost effective to provide water leak detection to area’s which are not seen as a major risk to business interruption, area’s such as Tea and Coffee points and breakout area’s can now be covered at a reasonable cost.

The LDM features full range sensitivity adjustment to allow fine tuning to local conditions and to “tune out” spurious alarms often associated with other similar equipment.

For longer and more reliable operation our module use’s an AC excitation sensing circuit to minimise Oxidisation and erosion of the sensing device should it be left submersed for a prolonged period of time. This AC excitation is fully isolated from the Mains power supply to the unit.

Additional information

Weight 0.26 kg


Sensing cable compatibility ASC1200
Maximum length of sensing cable 45 Metres (150ft)
Detection Probes ALD-MPS  APS
Power supply 230Vac (ac 50/60Hz)
Power consumption 11mA @ 230Vac
Operating Conditions -10 to +50◦C, 0% to 90% non-condensing
Status LED Power (Green), Leak (Red)
Relay Output Volt free relay contacts activated by leak DPDT (NO/NC/C) (NO/NC/C)
Relay Rating 8 A at 250 Vac
Dimensions HxWxD 82mm x 114mm x 54.5mm
DIN Rail Compatibility Standard TS35, ‘Top Hat’ 35mm
Weight 254g
Equivalent part number(‘s) AT-LDM